Sunday, April 15, 2012

That's Just the Way I (cinnamon) Roll!

Who doesn't love a nice sticky, cinnamony, warm, gooey pile of goodness smothered in cream cheese frosting? Ok, I'm sure there's a few out there. Move on. This post is for the lovers <3.

These are actually a classmates. I have managed to forget to take pictures. of. everything.

Soft Roll Dough
makes 12 cinnamon rolls

12.5 oz. Water
.25 oz. Instant Yeast
1# 5 oz. Bread Flour or AP (that's 21 oz.)
2 tsp Salt
2 oz. Sugar
1 oz. Non-Fat Milk Solids (I ran to Safeway and just got NF Dry milk. A powder works best, but if all you can find is flakes, it'll still work)
1 oz. Shortening
1 oz. Butter

Mix the same way as the rolls below. Need refreshing?

On table (be DARING!) dump dry ingredients & (form a well)(a hole) in the middle. Put the egg (cracked, out of shell, just to be specific) in the middle and some of the milk. Start mixing in circles with. Your. HAND! Wash them first. Please? Once it's not just straight liquid sitting on flour add more of the milk, and start mixing in the butter. When all the liquid, and butter (possible still little chunks here and there) is mixed in, push your dough to the side and Flour Your Counter. Also, the dough is sticky. (no way!). Yes. Way. If you wash your hands at this point, and get all the extra goop off of your fingers, kneading the dough will be so much easier.

Need the dough for 10 is minutes until it is nicely developed, smooth, and you can pull a window. WAIT! Baker's lingo! What the heck does a window have to do with kneading dough? Watch this video.

Also let it rise the same as the rolls.
90 degree oven with pan of water OR 175 degree oven, shut off, water and dough in oven, door open OR on counter. Until Doubled.

Press down and roll into rectangle/square about 12x12 - not smaller. It should be around 1 inch thick but a little thinner is fine.

Sprinkle filling (below) all the way to the edge, except one inch on one side

Cinnamon Roll Filling
you'll probably have a little extra

4.5 oz sugar
4.5 oz. Brown sugar
2.25 oz Butter, softened
1.5 T Cinnamon, ground

Mix all with fork (or in mixer with paddle attachment if you're a lazy bum) until combined with no visible butter chunks.

Sprinkle GENEROUSLY on dough.

Roll dough up, starting on the side OppositE the naked 1 inch stretch. Wet the filling free strip (water works) and press into roll, >pinching< to seal. 

Using dental floss (gotta use it for something, right?) cut roll into 12 pieces. I mark the dough in quarters so it's easier to space them the same. Place in 10 inch cake pan, or some other baking pan. Space .5 inches apart for pull apart rolls, or about 2-3 inches for individual rolls.

Let ~double again, about 30 minutes. Bake @350 for about 20 minutes. Like the rolls (actually all Breads) poke a hole in a bready part (not the molten sugar filling part) and a thermometer should read 190-200 degrees when finished. 

Top with frosting of your choice. Cream Cheese Frosting up NEXT!

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