Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cook's Comments

I am a loser. I am going to be a big loser. I'm actually hoping to be the Biggest Loser there is. Now let me explain.

Before I go off into I-Heart-My-Gym land, let me comfort you with the fact that I am NOT going to stop blogging or cooking. Ever.

With that said, I do love my gym. I go to VisionQuest Sport and Fitness at the Auburn Supermall. Twice a year (I think) they hold a Biggest Loser 90 Day Weight Loss competition (judged by percent % total weight lost).

I'm not going to be on TV or anything, it's just a 5-Gym competition.
 My wonderful boss/friend/workout partner is offering full support and I am competing. The kick-off day was Thursday, June 2nd, and today is Day 9. The Finale is Thursday, September 1st with a prize of $500 and Grand Prize of $5000. Please mark it on your calendars and plan on coming and supporting me. The louder my supporters are, the higher chance I have at winning the Best Before-and-After and the Best Testimonial competitions. You have full permission to scream your head right off.

***All Finale Night supporters will get a homemade breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert of their choice cooked for them.***

I'm down about 9 lbs or 3.61% so far (not sure how much of that was the water I guzzled that day). Since I started at the gym I'm down 19 lbs.

My first 10 days are pretty tough because my trainer's given me a meal plan, and sugary sweets are NOT welcome : ( . It's a week and a half of meal replacement shakes (which -thankfully- aren't that bad) and one real-food dinner a night. My many boxes of whole wheat spaghetti and I are becoming good "after 5" friends.

No worries, I am better than just eating a bowl of healthified Sketti every night for the next 90 days. I have my trusty "healthy" cookbooks - and I'll probably eat a lot of taco salad, minus the sour cream.

Being the change I want to see in the world, I will post healthy and TASTY recipes. With these healthy recipes you have no excuse not to eat healthy.

Be awesome. Like me!

(and support me please)

 All healthy recipe ideas, advice, articles, etc. are welcome. If there is a recipe you love that you want to see "Healthified" tell me and I will see what I can do!


  1. You are amazing and I support you 100%. I will be there for you on September 1st and all along the way. Thanks for being such a great example to me.